We believe in the individuality of each of our members.

Your Treatment Online experience begins with our comprehensive intake questionnaire which asks about those factors in your life and your background which may be contributing to your present emotional distress.

We take this information and customize your unique TOL experience. This includes informational therapy about psychological syndromes such as depression ADHD, anxiety and any others that we may determine to be relevant to you based on our extensive intake questionnaire.

We also worry about your medical problems and provide articles about them to you as well.

We have extensive feedback regarding drugs you may be taking and their possible adverse interactions.

But most important you are followed by a trained psychological professional and invited to enter an online community specifically designed to address your psychological issues. This community provides immeasurable support and information to you. You become a part of the most unique experience you will ever have online and derive professional and peer feedback about your most intimate issues.


Drug Abuse
Sexual Addiction
Eating Disorders
Alzheimer's Disease

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