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Super Foods

This excel spread sheet includes valuable information about the Glycemic Index(GI), Glycemic Load(GL) and Total Antioxidant Capacity(TAC)of commonly occuring foods. We highlight in Green foods that are in our opinion very good for you and Red highlighted foods that are in our opinion very bad for you. We hope this helps you shape your diet more effectively.

Main Presentation File: 43-TAC-GI-GLfinal-1.xls

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Crystal Meth

Methamphetamine is a devastating drug of abuse that ruins the lives of those who use it. Recent research indicates that methamphetamine may cause irreparable damage to the brain and alter vital neural pathways. Learn about the history, costs, treatment, and neurophysiology of methamphetamine. William E. Hapworth M.D. is a well known expert on substance abuse. He is an expert on the consequences of substance abuse on the lives and families of substance abusers. He has personally helped thousands of patient's obtain and maintain sobriety in his twenty years of operating the Hapworth Center in midtown Manhattan. This lecture is from a Grand Rounds presentation he gave to the staff of Rockland Psychiatric Center this year.

Main Presentation File: CrystalMethTOL.ppt

Obesity and Bariatric Surgery

Obesity is a National Health crisis and options for the morbidly obese are discussed in this PowerPoint presentation by nationally known surgeon Marc Bressler M.D.. Dr.Bressler is from Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in New York City where he is pioneering surgical solutions to life threatening morbid obesity. Dr. Bressler discusses the various procedures in this presentation and the indication for their usage.

Main Presentation File: 42-Bariatric Options.ppt


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