Behavioral fitness encompasses all aspects of mental and physical health. It is the key to emotional happiness, physical health and optimal job performance. From your self image to your relationship with others, it affects how you deal with both family and work environments. In fact, more than fifty percent of your physical health status is directly related to your mental health.

The consequences of poor behavioral fitness are increased absenteeism, decreased job performance and poor physical health

Treatment Online offers non-threatening, Internet-based psychological evaluation and treatment regimes that are accessible anywhere via the privacy of a computer. We provide comprehensive behavioral health services through our network of qualified mental health professionals in independent practice. The unique approach of Treatment Online combines self-help resources with real-time online consultation of a professional therapist, providing customized care for each participant.

Psychological issues are the leading cause of weight gain, diabetes, lower back pain, stress, depression and risk-centered behaviors. One out of every two Americans is concerned about their level of stress, which is the most common form of mental disease. Untreated stress, anxiety and other psychological problems can result in serious health conditions ranging from severe depression to cancer. Unchecked, psychological conditions lead to unsafe work conditions. In fact, 90% of industrial accidents are related to untreated stress.

Tragically, due to the stigma attached to seeking professional mental health care, less than 30% of employees with diagnosable mental disorders seek treatment. Worse, those who need it most soon discover that their healthcare benefits typically limit the number of treatment sessions.

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